How do we get to the Ropery?
By car: there are three parkings at the Ropery: one next to it, one near the Ropery’s gardens
and one at the entrance of the arsenal. But you cannot park inside the arsenal.

By bus: The Bus Line D passes directly in front of the Ropery’s gardens, at the stop “Corderie
Royale”. Other bus lines pass nearby, in the city center at the stop “Roy Bry”. From then on, you
need to take the Avenue Charles de Gaulle, go straight all along, and you will arrive at the
entrance of the Ropery, la Porte du Soleil (the Sun’s door).

How long is the visit?
For the entire visit, it’s about one hour and a half.

Are pets allowed inside the Ropery?
– No, pets are not allowed inside the Ropery, only little dogs that can be carried in your arms or in
a bag.

Are service dogs allowed?
Service dogs are allowed inside the Ropery.

When is the Ropery open?
– The Ropery is open every day except on December 25th, January 1st and from January 7th to
February 9th.


Open in Morning and Afternoon
February 10th - March 31stApril 1st – September 30thOctober 1st – November 11thNovember 12th – December 21stDecember 22nd – January 6th
10am-12:30pm / 14pm-18pm10am - 19pm14pm- 18pm14pm -18pm10am - 12:30pm - 14pm - 18pm

How much does the visit cost?
There individual and group prices. The visit includes both the permanent and temporary

RATE 2018

AdultsStudents Less than 6 years old6-15 years oldPeople with disabilities, their accompanists and job seekersFamily tarif ( 2 children + 2 parents)

Group prices:
7,50€ per person
Group prices: 15 people minimum
Less than 15: 112,50€
Free for the driver and the accompanists
Visit available in these languages as well: English, German and Spanish. (visit price + 30€)
Be aware that guided visits are for groups only, not individuals.

Can we picnic around the Ropery?
Yes, it is possible to picnic in the Ropery’s gardens and on the grass, but not inside the Ropery itself.
Please, throw your trash in the trash cans at your disposal.
However, it is forbidden to drive a motor vehicle or to camp.

Where can we eat?
In front of the Ropery, you have the restaurant “Les Longitudes” with traditional cooking.
Dish of the day:
9,20€. Menus at 15,20€ (Corderie Menu), 19,80€ (Admiral Menu) or 25,50€ (Charentais Menu), child menu
at 7,50€ (Ship’s Boy Menu, up to age 12).
The restaurant is open from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm
To reserve a table, call: 05 46 87 56 15

What are the hours for the gift shop?
The gift shop is open in the morning from 10 am to 12:45 am and in the afternoon from 2 pm to 6 pm.

Can we take pictures inside?.
Yes, you may take pictures for your own personal enjoyment but they cannot be used for commercial

Do you know what else there is to visit around here?
We propose reduced prices for other museums in the city:
Musée National de la Marine – National Museum of the Marine
Visit in autonomy: 5, 5€ per person.
Guided visit: 8€ per person.
Ecole de Médecine navale – Naval medical school
15 people minimum
Visit: 8€ per person.
Musée des Commerces d’autrefois – Museum of old businesses
+25 people: 4,80€ per person.
-25 people: 5,80€ per person.

Can we cancel a group reservation?
It is possible but you have to do it at least one week before the date of the visit.